New Years Eve Concert Pick

Finding a terrific band playing in Seattle on New Years Eve is as easy as finding water, falling out of a boat. My suggestion is to pick one – find some friends and go. I’ve picked one, the show at China Harbor. But this show is nothing I can recommend. It is an acquired taste. […]

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There AIN'T an App for That

Seems as though every band is busy minting an exclusive phone app. Certainly it’s the trendy thing to do, but I think they’re missing an amazing opportunity. And quickly to my point; revenue models are changing for bands. If done well, an app can be more than a novelty item. It can be a way […]

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January Concerts

Jan 9 is a must see at the High Dive: Department of Energy, Tripwire, and Spanish for 100. Jan 10 Chop Suey has a terrific bill, Blacknite Crash with The Purrs. Jan 15 Robert Cray is playing at the Snolqualmie Ballroom on my birthday. I haven’t seen Mr Cray in almost 20 years, since the […]

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Top 10 Concerts of 2009

1 Alice In Chains – I’ve never been to a show that I couldn’t take out my ear plugs between songs. The crowd was THAT LOUD. 2 The Heavy – A spiritual experience. Throw in Thee Emergency opening and that was a night at the Croc. 3 The Kills – When a band connects with […]

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Top 10 Bands of 2009

1 The Heavy – Al Green meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 2 BlacRoc – Mammoth riffs meets hip-hop royalty. 3 Dan Deacon – He was top 20 until I saw the performance live. 4 Glassvegas – Infectious. 5 Raveonettes – Right out of the 50 and 60 with contemporary themes. 6 Flamming Lips – […]

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Top 10 Northwest Bands

Tis the season for Top Ten Lists. So here we go. TopX  NWBands of 2009 1 The Thermals – seeing them at Neumos was a religious experience. 2 The Blakes – I was so close that Snow Keim almost broke my hand as he swung his bass around the front of the stage. 3 Gossip – […]

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Viva Vevo

A new website launched today, The offering is a collaboration between a handful of major record labels and YouTube. They are branding themselves the next MTV, or the MTV of the Internet, or the MTV of the next generation. I used to work at MTV. You’re no MTV. But it’s a nice aggregator. MTV […]

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And So It Begins

I missed so many shows this week. Dude, I can’t see them all. But the shows I did see were visually – and musically  – CRUSHING it. Mew on Friday a Neumos featured avatar characters on stage – created through  rear screen projection. Seattle knew the lyrics to every song. The crowd was sharing the […]

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