There AIN'T an App for That

Seems as though every band is busy minting an exclusive phone app. Certainly it’s the trendy thing to do, but I think they’re missing an amazing opportunity.

And quickly to my point; revenue models are changing for bands. If done well, an app can be more than a novelty item. It can be a way to draw the fans closer and a way to make more/some/any money. Goodness, they’re not making it off of declining compact disk sales or singles downloaded from ITunes. But first they need to create a truly MUST HAVE app reverses the cliché stuff being pushed out there.

If I designed the Alice in Chains app – and you know I love the boys to pieces – I would have included a feature allowing fans at the concert to stream footage they’re shooting with their phones.

Via a wifi server at the arena, video technicians could switch between the multimedia show projected behind the band and live footage from fans in the crowd. Talk about crowd participation. And with off the shelf technology. As bands draw more revenue from concert receipts – having a must have app like this would make the difference between near sell out shows and riots to get in.

Okay, you’re not AIC. You’re The Blakes. And I love you guys, too. You’re doing club gigs across the country. How about updates on how many tickets are left at the door? Announce a pre-function bar with drink specials before the show? How about free fries with your order at Pacific Fish and Chips outside of Neumos after the show? Get your VIP seating while they last – just flash your Blakes app at the door.

The end goal is not only to expand the number of names on their contact list, but to engage them, help them, become a part of their lifestyle, become their own lifestyle brand. Yeah, a band as a lifestyle.

Is there an app for that?

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