Top 10 Northwest Bands

Tis the season for Top Ten Lists. So here we go.

TopX  NWBands of 2009

1 The Thermals – seeing them at Neumos was a religious experience.

2 The Blakes – I was so close that Snow Keim almost broke my hand as he swung his bass around the front of the stage.

3 Gossip – I was almost crushed to death in the crowd, but totally worth the experience. wOOt wOOt.

4 Sleep Eyes Of Death – magical.

5 Fleet Foxes – huge year, and I like Sean’s new guitar.

6 Alice In Chains – The return of 90s rock gods, and nice boys too. Nominated for a Grammy.

7 Visqueen – I’ve never seen them live, but they had a breakout year.

8 Viva Voce – seen them twice this year. Anita is a total rckr grl!

9 Japandroids – they get a lot of noise out of one guitar and a drum kit.

10 TheeEmergency – saw them twice this year.

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