Viva Vevo

A new website launched today, The offering is a collaboration between a handful of major record labels and YouTube. They are branding themselves the next MTV, or the MTV of the Internet, or the MTV of the next generation. I used to work at MTV. You’re no MTV.

But it’s a nice aggregator.

MTV made music videos accessible through a new channel – literally the television channel. That’s what was revolutionary about it. I’ve been able to get music videos on YouTube since the thing was launched. Many were illegally put there, but that’s another story. Nothing new about music videos on the web.

But there is an interesting trend that I’m beginning to notice on the web. As the Information Age matures it has been suggested (by those wiser than me) that we are moving into an Age of Choice. What this means is that there are many choices for us. The decision what to do with that plethora of information is profound, but also overwhelming. Thus the aggregator! Something or someone who knows a little bit about me, my profile, my habits and collects all the possible relevant choices for me. There are so many choices on the web that the average user can’t stay up. Consumers are quietly screaming, “Narrow it down, please.” Analysis paralysis.

Be on the lookout for more tools that help us pedestrians work our way across the endless flow of choices that is the information superhighway. Best of luck to vevo, and other aggregation tools because you are CRUSHING it.

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