March Concert Recommendations

March 1 at Chop Suey: Baths

March 2 at El Corazón: Stryper with Witchburn

March 3 at Crocodile: Wild Orchid Children and Tea Cozies

March 3 at Republiq: The Crystal Method

March 3 at Hells Kitchen: Witchburn

March 3 at 2 Bit Saloon: Guns of Nevada

March 3 at Tractor Tavern: Low Hums

March 3 at Vera Project: The Lonely Forest and The Violins

March 4 at Rendezvous: Fergus & Geronomo, Seapony and Idle Times

March 4 at Black Lodge: He Whose Ox is Gored

March 4 at Chop Suey: Asobi Seksu

March 4 at Tractor Tavern: Cobirds Unite

March 4 at Neumos: Manooghi Hi

March 4 at Triple Door: Curtis Salgado

March 4 at Comet Tavern: Hounds of the Wild Hunt and Sugar Sugar Sugar

March 5 at Columbia City Theater: Grand Hallway

March 5 at Emerald Queen Casino: Goo Goo Dolls

March 5 at Experience Music Project: Sound Off Finals

March 5 at 2-Bit Saloon: Golden Blondes

March 5 at Neumos: Yann Tiersen

March 5 at King Cat Theater: Dokken

March 5 at Funhouse: The F-Holes

March 5 at  Market Showbox: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

March 5 at Crocodile: Damien Jurado and Viva Voce

March 5 at Sunset Tavern: Summer Babes and The First Times

March 6 at Funhouse: The Blacks

March 7 at Crocodile: The Dears

March 7 at Studio Seven: Peter Murphy

March 7 at Nectar: Van Eps

March 7 at Tractor Tavern: Townes Van Zandt tribute fea. Star Anna, Justin Davis, Rusty Willoughby, Kasey Anderson and Gary Westlake

March 7 at Funhouse: Weedeater

March 8 at Crocodile: Tapes ‘n Tapes with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

March 8 at Paramount: Bobby McFerrin

March 8 at SoDo Showbox: Crystal Castles

March 8 at Neumos: Motopony

March 8 at Comet Tavern: Idle Times

March 10 at Neumos: Mad Rad and Truckasauras

March 10 at Vera Project: Diamond Rings

March 11 at Columbia City Theater: Betsy Olson and Golden Blondes

March 11 at Rendezvous: Fox and The Law and The Violin

March 11 at Tractor Tavern: Star Anna & The Laughing Dogs

March 11 at High Dive: Black Whales and Joseph Giant

March 11 at Skylark Cafe: The F-Holes

March 12 at Neumos: Head Like a Kite, The Young Evils and The Redwood Plan

March 12 at High Dive: Satchel

March 12 at Vera Project: Kung Foo Grip

March 12 at Sunset Tavern: The Purrs and Thee Sgt Major III

March 12 at Market Showbox: Drive-By Truckers and Heartless Bastards

March 12 at Comet Tavern: Helms Alee and The Absolute Monarchs

March 12 at Snoqualmie Casino: Robin Trower

March 13 at High Dive: Red Jacket Mine

March 15 at Moore: Devo

March 15 – 16 at SoDo Showbox: Girl Talk

March 16 at Market Showbox: Tres Mts. and My Goodness

March 16 at Tractor Tavern: Shane Tutmarc & The Traveling Mercies

March 16 at Triple Door: Grand Hallway

March 17 at Skylark Cafe: Criss Crass

March 17 at Columbia City Theater: The Spinning Whips

March 18 at Motor Club: Guns of Nevada

March 18 at Neumos: The Residents

March 18 at Crocodile: War On Drugs and Yuni In Taxco

March 19 at Neumos: Floater

March 20 at Sunset Tavern: Wesafari

March 22 at Market Showbox: Good Charlotte

March 23 at Nectar: Gold Panda

March 23 at Market Showbox: Three Days Grace

March 23 at Funhouse: Idle Times

March 24 at Chop Suey: The Intelligence

March 24 at Funhouse: Sugar Sugar Sugar and Thee Emergency

March 24 at High Dive: More Than Lester

March 24 at Neumos: Akron Family

March 24 – 27 at Jazz Alley: Tower of Power

March 25 at 2 Bit Saloon: Neon Wilderness

March 25 at Jazzbones: Curtis Salgado

March 25 at Tractor Tavern: BOAT

March 25 at Market Showbox: Galactic

March 26 at 2 Bit Saloon: Spittin’ Cobras

March 26 at Comet Tavern: Heiress and He Whose Ox is Gored

March 26 at Comet Tavern: Watch It Sparkle

March 26 at Sunset Tavern: The Golden Blondes and Hounds of the Wild Hunt

March 26 at Crocodile: Telekinesis

March 26 at Rendezvous: Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs

March 26 at Hard Rock Cafe: Left Hand Smoke

March 27 at Crocodile: Toro y Moi and Cloud Nothings

March 27 at Funhouse: Boogie Monster

March 27 at El Corazón: Wild Orchid Children

March 28 at Chop Suey: Acid Mothers Temple

March 29 at Crocodile: Red Jacket Mine

March 30 at Crocodile: Miniature Tigers and Pepper Rabbit

March 31 at Crocodile: Say Hi

March 31 at Funhouse: Davila 666

March 31 at Neumos: Rocky Votolato

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