June Concert Recommendations

June 1 at Columbia Theater: Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band with Wintersleep

June 1 at Highline: Red Fang with Sandrider

June 1 at El Corazon: Zeke

June 1 at High Dive: Amsterdam

June 1 at Triple Door: Charles Mack

June 2 at Highway 99: Lloyd Jones Struggle

June 2 at Funhouse: Local Dudes

June 2 at Neumos: The Thermals with Little Cuts

June 2 at Royal Room: Barbara Ireland

June 2 at Blue Moon: Pouch

June 2 at KeyArena: LMFAO

June 2 at Sunset Tavern: The Valley, Police Teeth with Dude York

June 2 at Tractor Tavern: Star Anna, Kasey Anderson with Cobirds Unite

June 2 at High Dive: The Riffbrokers with Stag and Missionary Position

June 2 at Comet Tavern: Grenades

June 3 at Snoqulamie: Merle Haggard

June 3-4 at Neumos: Sleep

June 4 at High Dive: In Cahoots

June 5 at High Dive: Strong Killings

June 5 at Easy Street: Brandi Carlile

June 5 at Tractor Tavern: The Foghorns

June 5 at Funhouse: Downtown Struts

June 7 at High Dive: Fox & The Law

June 7 at Neumos: The Duke Spirit

June 7 at Hard Rock: Jim Basnight

June 7 at Chop Suey: Viper Creek Club with Jupe Jupe

June 7 at Sunset Tavern: A Gun That Shoots Knives

June 8 at Comet Tavern: Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Hobosexual, The Grizzled Mighty with Strong Killings

June 8 at Highline: YOB, Helms Alee with Bell Witch

June 8 at Rat and Raven: Black Nite Crash

June 8 at Darrell’s Tavern: Tripwires with Red Jacket Mine

June 8 at Triple Door: Mudhoney Film Documentary

June 8 at High Dive: I Can Lick Any SOB In The House, Truckstop Darlin’, Jackerabbit with The Riffbrokers

June 8 at Sunset Tavern: Cataldo

June 8 at Crocodile: The Young Evils, Redwood Plan with Seapony

June 8 at Funhouse: The Piniellas

June 9 at Barboza: Horse Feathers

June 9 at Neumos: Rocky Votolato

June 9 at Funhouse: Ancient Warlocks, White Orange with Antique Scream

June 10 at Snoqulamie: Chaka Khan

June 11 at Crocodile: A Place to Bury Strangers

June 11 at Neumos: Japandroids with Cadence Weapon

June 11-12 at Triple Door: Jon Anderson

June 12 at Chop Suey: Posse

June 13 at Crocodile: Maps & Atlases

June 13 at Tractor Tavern: Doe Bay Fest Announcement Party

June 13 at Neumos: In Cahoots

June 14 at Sunset Ballard: Shelby Earl with Mark Pickerel

June 15 at 2-Bit Saloon: F-Holes with Local Dudes

June 15 at Showbox Market: Vicci Martinez

June 15 at Rendezvous: Grave Babies

June 15 at Funhouse: Summer Babes with Can You Imagine?

June 15 at Lucid: Ayron Jones and The Way

June 15 at The Mix: Carla Torgerson

June 15 at Barboza: Wussy, Tea Cozies with The Purrs

June 15 at Triple Door: Geoff Tate

June 16 at Darrell’s Tavern: Boxcar Rebellion

June 16 at Bogart’s: The Riffbrokers

June 16 at Showbox Market: Sol

June 16 at Fremont Abbey: The Local Strangers with Le Wrens

June 16 at Neumos: My Goodness with The Young Evils

June 16 at Sunset Ballard: Lozen

June 16 at Chateau Ste Michelle: John Fogerty

June 16 at Triple Door: Ayron Jones and the Way

June 16 at Slims Last Chance: Redneck Girlfriend

June 16 at Studio Seven: L.A. Guns

June 17 at High Dive: The Young Evils with Red Jacket Mine

June 17 at Neptune: Collective Soul

June 17 at Nectar: Manooghi Hi

June 17 at Triple Door: Ayron Jones and the Way

June 17 at Jazzbones: Vicci Martinez

June 17 at Showbox Market: The Dandy Warhols

June 18 at Showbox Market: The Temper Trap with Crocodiles

June 16 at Sunset Ballard: Ezra Furman

June 21 at Crocodile: 2:54

June 21-24 at Jazz Alley: Jack Bruce, Vernon Reid, John Medeski & Cindy Blackman-Santana

June 22 at Barboza: The Men with Kinski

June 22 at Crocodile: Rhett Miller

June 22 at Funhouse: Brokaw

June 22 at Nectar Lounge: Polecat

June 22 at Highway 99: Duffy Bishop

June 22 at Columbia Theater: The F@cking Eagles

June 22 at Showbox Market: Jonathan Coulton with John Roderick

June 23 at Tacoma Dome: Nickelback, Bush with Seether

June 23 at Bogart’s: Whitetrash Whiplash

June 23 at Rat and Raven: Strong Killings

June 23 at Crocodile: Head Like A Kite

June 23 at Darrell’s Tavern: Empire of Sleep

June 23 at Rendezvous: Yuni In Taxco

June 23 at Skylark Cafe: F-Holes

June 23 at Bogarts: Whitetrash Whiplash

June 23 at Funhouse: Unnatural Helpers with K-Holes

June 23 Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon

June 24 at Skylark Cafe: Jeff Campbell

June 24 at Crocodile: Ben Harper

June 24 at Neumos: Russian Circles with Sandrider

June 26 at WaMu: Foster The People

June 27 at Sunset Tavern: Strong Killings

June 28 at High Dive: Pine and Battery

June 28 at Sunset Tavern: Bass Drum of Death with The Grizzled Mighty

June 28-29 at Tractor Tavern: Mates of States

June 28-July 1 at Jazz Alley: Diane Schuur

June 29 at Crocodile Velella Velella

June 29 at Rat and Raven: Spinning Whips, Mystery Ship with Panama Gold

June 29 at Highway 99: Lee Oskar

June 29 at Funhouse: Alcohol Funnycar with The Burns

June 29 at High Dive: Ayron Jones & The Way

June 29 at Columbia Theater: Lemolo

June 30 at Columbia Theater: Lemolo with Radiation City

June 30 at Studio Seven: Mace

June 30 at Rat and Raven: Hobosexual

June 30 at Snoqualmie: Meat Loaf

July 1 at Funhouse: In Cahoots

July 2 at Neptune: Preservation Hall Jazz Band

July 3 at White River: Slipknot, Slayer, Motorhead with Anthrax

July 3 at Woodland Park: k.d. lang

July 3 at Funhouse: Love Battery

July 3 at Snoqualmie Casino: Joan Jett

July 5 at Skylark Cafe: In Cahoots

July 5 at Sunset Tavern: Kasey Anderson

July 5 at Tractor Tavern: The Torn ACLs

July 6 at Chop Suey: Quintron & Miss Pussycat

July 6 at Funhouse: Antique Scream

July 6 at Chateau Ste Michelle: Donald Fagan, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs

July 6 at High Dive: Ancient Warlocks with The Tom Price Desert Classic

July 6 at Columbia Theater: Bryan John Appleby

July 6 at Nectar: Ben Union

July 6 at Neumos: Lower Dens

July 6 at Showbox Market: Justin Townes Earle

July 6-7 at Barboza: The Moondoggies

July 7 at El Corazon: Malfunksun with Witchburn

July 7 at Chateau Ste Michelle: Steve Miller Band

July 7 at Funhouse: Zeke

July 7 at Slims Last Chance: Thee Sgt Major

July 7 at Tulalip Casino: Boyz II Men, En Vogue with Sal N Pepa

July 7 at Neumos: Motopony

July 7 at Lo-Fi: Black Nite Crash

July 8 at Crocodile: The Gaslight Anthem

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