Seattle Concerts for January / February

Jan 18 at Chop Suey: Tacocat, Pony Time, Wimps with Kithkin

Jan 19 at Moore: Patti Smith

Jan 19 at Chop Suey: Black Breath

Jan 20 at Benaroya: Pink Martini

Jan 20 at Neumos: Russian Circles

Jan 20 at Chop Suey: Fresh Espresso with Fly Moon Royalty

Jan 21 at Tractor Tavern: Mates of State

Jan 22 at Benaroya: Pink Martini

Jan 22 at Tractor Tavern: Prom Queen

Jan 23 at Highline Tavern: Tom Price & The Desert Classic

Jan 23 at Tractor Tavern: Whiskey Syndicate, Van Eps with Massy Ferguson

Jan 24 at Neumos: The Vaselines

Jan 24 at Sunset Tavern: Low Hums

Jan 24 at Triple Door: Martha Davis & The Motels

Jan 25 at Blue Moon: Wimps

Jan 27 at Studio Seven: Uli Jon Roth

Jan 28 at Tractor Tavern: Bass Drum of Death

Jan 28 at Nectar Lounge: The Mad Caddies

Jan 29 at Crocodile: Iska Dhaaf with Grave Babies

Jan 29 at Emerald Queen: Willie Nelson

Jan 29 at Darrell’s Tavern: Betsy Olson

Jan 29 at Tractor Tavern: Joseph Giant

Jan 29 at El Corazon: Skull Fist

Jan 29 at Jazzbones: Cody Beebe and the Crooks, Ayron Jones and the Way with Tango Alpha Tango

Jan 30 at Benaroya: Mad Season

Jan 30 at Columbia Theater: Shelby Earl

Jan 30 at LoFi: Erik Blood

Jan 30 at Sunset Tavern: Stag, The Chasers with Strong Suit

Jan 31 at Blue Moon: Gravel Road

Jan 31 at Crocodile: Ayron Jones and The Way with Hobosexual

Jan 31 at El Corazon: Boats!

Jan 31 at Neumos: Helms Alee with Grenades

Feb 1 at Tractor Tavern: The Foghorn

Feb 3 at Neptune: Sasquatch! Launch Party

Feb 5 at Tractor Tavern: My Goodness with Dude York

Feb 5 at Sunset Tavern: Fox and the Law

Feb 5 at Tractor Tavern: My Goodness

Feb 5-6 at Triple Door: Kris Orlowski

Feb 6 at El Corazon: The Dickies

Feb 6 at Rendezvous: Black Nite Crash with Tokyoidaho

Feb 7 at Neumos: The Maldives

Feb 7 at Tractor Tavern: Cody Beebe and The Crooks

Feb 7 at Slims Last Chance: Finger Guns

Feb 7 at Paramount: The Devil Makes Three

Feb 10 at Neumos: Ariel Pink

Feb 10 at Showbox Market: Dr. Dog with Hanni El-Khatib

Feb 13 at EMP: Sound Off! SemiFinals #1

Feb 13 at Paramount: Billy Idol with Broncho

Feb 13 at Skylark: Gravel Road

Feb 13 at Sunset Tavern: Capsula

Feb 13 at Slims Last Chance: The Riffbrokers

Feb 14 at Crocodile: Ever So Android

Feb 14 at Highline: Wimps

Feb 14 at Tractor Tavern: Scott H. Biram

Feb 14 at Jazzbones: LeRoyBell & His Only Friends

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