October Concert Recommendations

Oct 1 at Funhouse: Unnatural Helpers

Oct 1 at St. Mark’s Cathedral: Bryan John Appleby, Mark Pickerel, Grant Olsen Mychal Cohen & Melodie Knight, Nouela Johnston and The Gundersen Family

Oct 1 at Tractor Tavern: The Young Evils, Ravenna Woods and Summer Babes

Oct 1 at Nectar: The Wandas and And And And

Oct 1 at Hells Kitchen: Fox & The Law

Oct 1 at Comet Tavern: Absolute Monarchs

Oct 3 at Chop Suey: Melt Banana, Retox and Dog Shredder

Oct 4 at Crocodile: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Oct 5 at Crocodile: Neon Indian

Oct 5 at Neptune: Girls

Oct 6 at Moore: Erasure

Oct 6 at Neptune: Washed Out

Oct 6 at Columbia Theater: Betsy Olson

Oct 6 at Crocodile: Live Rock Karaoke with Chris Friel Orchestra featuring Mike McCready

Oct 6 at El Corazon: Ancient Warlocks

Oct 7 at Funhouse: Jacuzzi Boys

Oct 7 at Crocodile: Fountains of Wayne

Oct 7 at Skylark Cafe: The Solvents

Oct 7 at Columbia Theater: Ivan & Alyosha

Oct 7 at Market Showbox: Justin Townes Earle and Jason Isbell

Oct 8 at Sunset Tavern: Noddy, Charles Leo Gebhardt IV, and Grynch

Oct 8 at Tractor Tavern: Cali Giraffes, Golden Blondes, Tom Price Dessert Classic, The Cops, Joesph Giant, Kelli Schaefer, Curtains For You, Gold Leaves and Grand Hallway

Oct 8 at Pyramid Brewery: The Young Evils

Oct 8 at 2-Bit Saloon: Summer Babes, Spinning Whips and Witchburn

Oct 8 at Neumos: Yelawolf

Oct 9 at Chop Suey: Witchburn

Oct 9 at Comet Tavern: Ryan Purcell

Oct 9 at Market Showbox: Foster The People and Cults

Oct 9 at Neumos: Dum Dum Girls and The Crocodiles

Oct 10 at SoDo Showbox: Chromeo

Oct 10 at Triple Door: Thomas Dolby

Oct 11 at Crocodile: Cymbals Eat Guitars

Oct 11 at Neptune: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks and Ty Segall

Oct 11 at Tractor Tavern: Dave Alvin

Oct 12 at Crocodile: The Drums and Veronica Falls

Oct 12 at Tractor Tavern: Panama Gold and Eastern Grip

Oct 12 at Neumos: Boris

Oct 12 at Neptune: Battles

Oct 12 at Market Showbox: The Naked and Famous and The Chain Gang of 1974

Oct 13 at Skylark Cafe: In Cahoots

Oct 13 at King Cat: Amsterdam

Oct 13-14 at Triple Door: Nick Lowe

Oct 14 at Shanty Tavern: NW Rivals and F-Holes

Oct 14 at Blue Moon: The Foghorns

Oct 15 at Nectar: Massy Ferguson and Jackrabbit

Oct 15 at Sunset Tavern: Black Nite Crash and The Purrs

Oct 15 at Heartland Cafe: The Tripwires and The First Times

Oct 15 at Comet Tavern: Akimbo

Oct 15 at El Corazon: Michael Monroe

Oct 16 at Columbia Theater: Rogue Valley

Oct 18 at Crocodile: Tom Morello

Oct 20 at Market Showbox: The Long Winters, Campfire OK and Cobirds Unite

Oct 20 at SoDo Showbox: Crystal Castles

Oct 20 at Comet Tavern: The Cops and Strong Killings

Oct 20 at Crocodile: Shelby Earl

Oct 20 at Neptune: Robyn

Oct 20 at High Dive: Amsterdam

Oct 20 at Neumos: Mad Rad

Oct 20 at Neptune: Duff McKagan (spoken word)

Oct 21 at Crocodile:Pickwick, Canon Blue and Yuni in Taxco

Oct 21 at KeyArena: Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger

Oct 21 at Triple Door: Shabazz Palaces

Oct 21 at Moore: Built To Spill and Seapony

Oct 21 at Backstage: Malfunkshun

Oct 21 at Neumos: Fences, Black Whales and Daniel G. Harmann

Oct 21 at Microsoft Store: Black Keys

Oct 21 at Rendezvous: Joseph Giant

Oct 21 at Funhouse: Ancient Warlocks

Oct 22 at KeyArena: Death Cab for Cutie and Head & The Heart

Oct 22 at Neumos: Mudhoney and Thee Emergency

Oct 22 at Rendezvous: Seapony and Tea Cozies

Oct 22 at Backstage: Rail

Oct 22 at Crocodile: Thao + The Get Down Stay Down, Grand Hallway, Lemolo and Kris Orlowski

Oct 22 at High Dive: Fox and the Law

Oct 22 at Chop Suey: Male Bonding, Unnatural Helpers, Virgin Islands and The Fucking Eagles

Oct 22 at Comet Tavern: Capsula, Whalebones and Stag

Oct 22 at Hard Rock: Malfunkshun

Oct 22 at Neptune: The Hold Steady and Grand Archives

Oct 22 at Tractor Tavern: Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers

Oct 23 at Tractor Tavern: John Doe

Oct 23 at WaMu: Portishead

Oct 24 at Comet Tavern: Hobosexual

Oct 25 at KeyArena: Roger Daltrey performs Tommy

Oct 26 at Tractor Tavern: The War on Drugs

Oct 26 at Crocodile: Gold Panda

Oct 27 at Market Showbox: The Damned and Cute Lepers

Oct 27 at King Cat: Van Eps

Oct 27 at Sunset Tavern: Jodie Watts

Oct 28 at Comet Tavern: He Whose Ox is Gored

Oct 28 at Crocodile: Strong Killings

Oct 28 at Studio Seven: Windowpane

Oct 28 at Moore: Jeff Beck

Oct 28 at Funhouse: Tom Price Desert Classic

Oct 29 at El Corazon: Zeke

Oct 29 at Comet Tavern: The Redwood Plan and Mr. Gnome

Oct 29 at WaMu: Judas Priest

Oct 30 at Neumos: Vendetta Red performs The Smiths and Misfits

Oct 30 at Market Showbox: Manchester Orchestra and White Denim

Oct 30 at Columbia Theater: Wild Orchid Children

Oct 31 at Chop Suey: Shotty

Oct 31 at Neumos: Champagne Champagne

Nov 1 at Market Showbox: Trentemoller

Nov 4 at Chop Suey: The Spits

Nov 4 at Funhouse: Gardens and Spinning Whips

Nov 5 at Market Showbox: The Bangles

Nov 5 at Neumos: My Goodness and Ravenna Woods

Nov 5 at Triple Door: The Lemonheads

Nov 5 at Tractor Tavern: Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Nov 6 at Market Showbox: Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Red Fang

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