May/June Concert Recommendations

May 20 at Hells Kitchen: Sweet Water

May 20 at Vera Project: Tea Cozies

May 20 at High Dive: Thee Emergency

May 20 at Sunset Tavern: David Bazan, Yuni in Taxco, Point Juncture, Buffalo Tom, Shabazz Palaces

May 20 at SoDo Showbox: Jimmy Eat World

May 20 at Neumos: Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs

May 20 at Chop Suey: Buffalo Tom and Heavenly States

May 20 at Tractor Tavern: The Cops, Stag, and The Golden Blondes

May 21 at El Corazon: Poorsport

May 21 at Moore: Seattle Rock Orchestra Performs Queen A Night at the Opera

May 21 at Triple Door: Uncle Bonsai

May 21 at Sunset Tavern: Whalebones

May 21 at Emerald Queen: Joan Jett

May 22 at Cafe Venus: NW Rivals (Pearson, Hanan, Guenther and Basnight)

May 22 at Triple Door: Shawn Mullins

May 22 at El Corazon: Agent Orange

May 22 at Market Showbox: The Twilight Singers

May 24 at El Corazon: Guitar Wolf

May 25 at Tractor Tavern: Solvents

May 26 at Neumos: State of the Artist, Trackasauras and DJ 100 Proof

May 26 at Market Showbox: Lykke Li

May 27 at Columbia Theater: Yarn Owl

May 27 at Emerald Queen: Blue Oyster Cult

May 27 at High Dive: Betsy Olson

May 27 at Comet Tavern: Black Nite Crash

May 27 at 2-Bit Saloon: Neon Wilderness

May 27-29 at Neumos: Rain Fest

May 28 at Columbia Theater: Calligraphers

May 28 at Hard Rock: Floater

May 28 at High Dive: Van Eps

May 28 at Market Showbox: Vicci Martinez

May 29 at King Cat: The Tender Box and Shotty

May 29 at Market Showbox: Biffy Clyro, Hobosexual and Hounds of the Wild Hunt

May 31 at Funhouse: Boogie Monster

June 1 at Paramount: Adele and Wanda Jackson

June 2 at Crocodile: The Paperboys

June 2 at Vera Project: Seapony

June 2 at Tractor Tavern: Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

June 2 at Snoqualmie: Chubby Checker

June 2 at High Dive: Kung Foo Grip

June 3 at Crocodile: Manooghi Hi

June 3 at Motor: NW Rivals (Pearson, Hanan, Guenther and Basnight)

June 3 at Funhouse: Witchburn

June 3 at Neumos: Hells Belles, Virgin and The Missionary Position

June 4 at High Dive: The Tripwires and The Purrs

June 4 at Neumos: Glassvegas

June 4 at Sunset Tavern: My Goodness

June 4 at Tractor Tavern: Sloan

June 4 at Crocodile: The Wombats

June 4 at Qwest Field: U2 and Lenny Kravitz

June 4 at Rendezvous: Charles Leo Gebhardt IV

June 5 at Crocodile: The Redwood Plan and Thee E Mergency

June 7 at Funhouse: Woodsman

June 7 at Comet Tavern: Young Widows

June 7 at Tractor Tavern: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and EMA

June 7 at Neumos: The F#cking Eagles

June 8 at SoDo Showbox: The Airborne Toxic Event and Mona

June 9 at Tractor Tavern: Motopony and Western Haunts

June 9 at Chop Suey: Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wife and The Foghorns

June 9 at SoDo Showbox: Cage The Elephant and Manchester Orchestra

June 9 at Moore: Steve Earle

June 10 at Tractor Tavern: The Builders and The Butchers, Ravenna Woods and Yuni In Taxco

June 10 at Sunset Tavern: Spinning Whips and The First Times

June 10 at Chop Suey: Tea Cozies, Fox and the Law, Hounds of the Wild Hunt and Basemint

June 10 at Funhouse: Cute Lepers

June 10 at Neumos: Grand Hallway

June 11 at Tractor Tavern: Lazy Susan and Kasey Anderson

June 11 at Chop Suey: Sleepy Eyes of Death

June 12 at Chop Suey: Fresh Espresso, Redwood Plan, Lisa Dank & Nark, Brite Futures

June 12 at Triple Door: Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground and The Young Evils

June 16 at Funhouse: Virgin Islands

June 16 at Neumos: The Black Lips

June 16 at Market Showbox: The Mountain Goats

June 17 at Chop Suey: Wild Orchid Children

June 17 at Crocodile: Bell X-1

June 17-18 at Neumos: Blue Scholars

June 17 at Neptune: Mark Lanegan

June 17 at Market Showbox: Face To Face

June 17 at Sunset Tavern: Dax Riggs

June 17 at Tractor Tavern: Shim and Pickwick

June 18 at King Cat: Soul Asylum, Kasey Anderson and Guns of Nevada

June 18 at Neptune: Okkervill River

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