June Concert Recommendations

June 24 at Crocodile, The Purrs.

June 25 at Funhouse, The Them.

June 25 at Hard Rock, Kevin Woods plays w/Malfunkshun.

June 25 at Sunset Tavern, The Cops and The Tripwires.

June 25 at Palace Ballroom, Wine Women and Song.

June 26 at Sunset Tavern, Red Fang, Kinski, Virgin Islands.

June 26 at Georgetown Music Festival, Black Whales, and Tea Cozies.

June 26 at Vera Project, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Unnatural Helpers.

June 26 at Blue Moon, The Foghorns.

June 26 at High Dive, Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles.

June 27 at Market Showbox, Josh Ritter.

Juen 27 at Crocodile, Meiko.

June 30 at Paramount, Wide Spread Panic.

June 30 at ZooTunes, Steve Earle with Joe Ely

July 1 at Tractor Tavern, Ravenna Woods and Motopony.

July 2 at Chop Suey, Erik Blood.

July 2 at Funhouse, Thee Emergency.

July 3 at Crocodile, Helladope.

July 3 at Tractor Tavern, Satchel.

July 6 at Chop Suey, Sleepy Eyes of Death.

July 6 at Market Showbox, Melvins.

July 8 at Triple Door, John Roderick.

July 15 at Neumos, Pigeonhed.

July 16 at Sunset Tavern, Black Nite Crash.

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