January/February Concert Recommendations

Jan 4 at Neumos: Charles Leo Gebhardt IV, Idle Times with The First Times

Jan 5 at Skylark Cafe: Lights From Space

Jan 5 at Neumos: Black Whales

Jan 5 at Crocodile: Kungfoo Grip

Jan 6 at The Mix: Piniellas

Jan 6 at Josephine: Dent-De-Lion

Jan 6 at Funhouse: Witchburn with Ancient Warlocks

Jan 7 at Tractor: Elvis tribute with various local artists

Jan 7 at Funhouse: Big Eyes, The Burnz with wimps

Jan 7 at Sunset: Constant Lovers

Jan 10 at High Dive: The Walkabouts

Jan 10 at Neumos: Flexions with Erik Blood

Jan 11 at Market Showbox: Steel Panther

Jan 11 at Neumos: Mico de Noche, He Whose Ox is Gored, White Orange with Ancient Warlocks

Jan 12 at Chop Suey: Sports

Jan 12 at Sunset: Blouse with Seapony

Jan 12 at Neumos: Motopony with Bryan Jon Appleby

Jan 12 at Hells Kitchen: Dick Dale with Girl Trouble

Jan 13 at Chop Suey: Kinski

Jan 13 at Blue Moon: Golden Blondes

Jan 13 at Tractor: Dick Dale

Jan 13 at Sorrento Hotel: Star Anna

Jan 13 at Triple Door: Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers

Jan 13 at Highline: Black Nite Crash with Lovesick Empire

Jan 14 at Slims: F-Holes

Jan 14 at Columbia Theater: Zoe Muth

Jan 14 at Funhouse: The F#cking Eagles

Jan 14 at Tractor: Gold Leaves

Jan 14 at Chop Suey: Absolute Monarchs with The Young Evils

Jan 14 at 2-Bit: White Trash Whiplash

Jan 14 at Rendezvous: Watch It Sparkle

Jan 14 at Sunset: Lonesome Shack with Sugar Sugar Sugar

Jan 14-15 at Neptune: Allen Stone with Seattle Rock Orchestra

Jan 17 at Tractor: The Bourbonites

Jan 17 at Neumos: Theophilus London with Thee Satisfaction

Jan 20 at Crocodile: Manooghi Hi

Jan 20 at Funhouse: Girl Trouble

Jan 20 at Triple Door: Left Hand Smoke

Jan 20-21 at Showbox Market: Fitz & The Tantrums with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Jan 21 at Funhouse: Helms Alee

Jan 21 at Tractor: The Pack A.D. with Hobosexual

Jan 21 at Hard Rock: In Cahoots

Jan 21 at Sunset: Joseph Giant

Jan 23 at Neumos: Youth Lagoon

Jan 24-25 at Jazz Alley: Sugar Blue

Jan 25 at Neptune: Concrete Blonde

Jan 25 at Neumos: Fox and the Law

Jan 25 at Showbox SoDo: Wu-Tang Clan with Champagne Champagne

Jan 26 at Tractor: GravelRoad

Jan 26 at Crocodile: Panama Gold

Jan 26-29 at Jazz Alley: War

Jan 27 at Neptune: Windowpane

Jan 27 at Showbox Market: moe

Jan 27 at Tractor: The Maldives

Jan 27 at Backstage: Enuf Z Nuff

Jan 27 at Showbox SoDo: Atomic Outlaws

Jan 27 at Rendezvous: Unnatural Helpers

Jan 28 at Funhouse: Tacocat

Jan 28 at Louie G’s: Ben Union with Hot Bodies in Motion

Jan 28 at High Dive: Jackrabbit

Jan 28 at Studio Seven: Enuff Z Nuff

Jan 28-29 at Rendezvous: The Aristocrats

Jan 31 at Crocodile: Alabama Shakes

Jan 31-Feb 1 at Jazz Alley: Kim Wilson

Feb 1 at Tractor: Sandrider

Feb 2 at Backstage: Girl Trouble

Feb 2 at Crocodile: Satchel

Feb 2 at Neptune: Junip

Feb 2 at Tractor: Nada Surf with Say Hi

Feb 3 at Funhouse: Thee Sgt Major III with Tripwires

Feb 3 at Showbox Market: The Dusty 45s, The Maldives, Lazy Susan, The Young Evils, Betsy Olson with The Purrs

Feb 3 at Neptune: O.A.R.

Feb 3 at Tractor: Legendary Oaks, Smokey Brights with The Washover Fans

Feb 3 at Sunset: Brokaw, Akimbo with Deadkill

Feb 4 at Highway 99: Lloyd Jones Struggle

Feb 4 at Funhouse: Jupe Jupe

Feb 4 at Tractor: Grand Hallway

Feb 4 at Comet: Local Dudes

Feb 4 at Slims: Atomic Outlaws

Feb 4 at Showbox Market: Star Anna

Feb 4 at Neptune: Los Campesinos!

Feb 4 at Columbia Theater: The Foghorns

Feb 4 at Lo-Fi: Stag with The Knast

Feb 7 at Chop Suey: The Features

Feb 7 at Paramount: Wilco

Feb 8 at Sunset: The Golden Blondes

Feb 9 at Crocodile: Eleanor Friedberger with Dominant Legs

Feb 9 at Triple Door: Kris Orlowski

Feb 9-12 at Jazz Alley: Tower of Power

Feb 10 at Blue Moon: The Spinning Whips

Feb 10 at Crocodile: John Roderick, Daniel G Harman with Fly Moon Royalty

Feb 10 at Jazzbones: Cherry Poppin Daddies

Feb 10 at Columbia Theater: Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives

Feb 11 at Slims: Empire Of Sleep

Feb 11 at Columbia Theater: Kelli Schaefer with Hobosexual

Feb 11 at Funhouse: The Piniellas

Feb 11 at Chop Suey: Mux Mool

Feb 12 at Comet: The Blind Photographers

Feb 14 at Neptune: Dr. Dog

Feb 15 at Highway Blues Club: Lisa Theo and Kim Fields & The Titans of Twang

Feb 17 at Neptune: Damien Jurado, Gold Leaves with Bryan John Appleby

Feb 17 at Showbox Market: The Presidents of the United States of America with John Roderick

Feb 17 at Triple Door: Bob Mould

Feb 17 at Neumos: Virgin Islands

Feb 18 at Backstage: Michael Schenker

Feb 18 at El Corazon: Anvil

Feb 18 at Showbox Market: The Presidents of the United States of America

Feb 18 at Columbia City: Watch It Sparkle

Feb 18 at Neptune: Big Head Todd & The Monsters

Feb 18 at The Mix: In Cahoots

Feb 19 at Backstage: Anvil

Feb 19 at Neumos: The Budos Band

Feb 19 at Studio Seven: Michael Schenker

Feb 19 at Chop Suey: The Fresh and Onlys with Black Whales

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