January / February Concert Recommendations

Jan 12 at Crocodile: Ben Union

Jan 12 at Triple Door: Ian McFeron

Jan 12 at Nectar: Champagne Champagne

Jan 12 at Darrell’s Tavern: The Fuzz

Jan 12 at Showbox Market: Windowpane with Van Eps

Jan 12 at Skylark Cafe: Animals in Cars with In Cahoots

Jan 12 at Neumos: Hot Bodies in Motion

Jan 12 at Columbia Theater: Low Hums

Jan 14 at Tacoma Dome: Lady Gaga

Jan 16 at Benaroya: Los Lobos

Jan 17 at Chop Suey: The Spits

Jan 18 at Barboza: Two Gallants

Jan 18 at Crocodile: Slow Bunny with Massy Ferguson

Jan 18 at Easy Street: Yo La Tengo

Jan 18 at High Dive: Amsterdam

Jan 18 at Showbox Market: Quicksand

Jan 18 at Sunset Tavern: Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Redwood Plan with Panama Gold

Jan 19 at Anchor Pub: Motopony with Hot Bodies in Motion

Jan 19 at Slims Last Chance: Gravelroad

Jan 20 at Skylark Cafe: The Foghorns

Jan 23 at Showbox Market: Pinback

Jan 24 at Columbia Theater: Yuni in Taxco

Jan 24 at Crocodile: Helms Alee

Jan 25 at Barboza: Stag with The Purrs

Jan 25 at Darrell’s Tavern: Bad Love Sessions

Jan 25 at High Dive: Black Nite Crash

Jan 25 at Columbia Theater: Betsy Olson

Jan 26 at  Black Lodge: Wimps with Trashies

Jan 26 at Sunset Tavern: Massy Ferguson with Legendary Oaks

Jan 26 at Darrell’s Tavern: Empire of Sleep with The Riffbrokers

Jan 26 at Comet Tavern: The Spittin’ Cobras

Jan 27 at El Corazon: Yellowcard

Jan 27 at Neptune: The Walkmen with Father John Misty

Jan 29 at Neptune: Father John Misty

Jan 29-30 at Jazz Alley: John Lee Hooker

Jan 31 at Sunset Tavern: Wow and Flutter

Jan 31 at Rendezvous: Branden Daniel & The Chics

Jan 31-Feb 3 at Jazz Alley: Dr. John

Feb 1 at KeyArena: Muse

Feb 1 at Tractor Tavern: Ken Stringfellow, The Maldives with Curtains For You

Feb 1 at Slims Last Chance: F-Holes

Feb 1 at Neumos: The Grizzled Mighty

Feb 1 at Triple Door: Kristen Ward

Feb 2 at Crocodile: Black Breath with Sandrider

Feb 2 at Tractor Tavern: The Maldives, Ken Stringfellow with Star Anna

Feb 2 at Showbox Market: The Sonics with Mudhoney

Feb 2 at Slims Last Chance: Kim Virant

Feb 4 at Showbox Market: Ben Folds Five

Feb 5 at Paramount: Fun.

Feb 5 at Chop Suey: Summer Babes

Feb 8 at Comet Tavern: C-Leb & The Kettle Black with The Valley

Feb 8 at Neptune: Ra Ra Riot

Feb 8 at Columbia Theater: Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

Feb 8-9 at Paramount: Soundgarden

Feb 9 at EMP Museum: Sound Off! Semifinals

Feb 9 at Rendezvous: Lozen with Brokaw

Feb 9 at Comet Tavern: The Boss Martians, Atomic Bride, The Piniellas with BOATS!

Feb 9 at Columbia Theater: Wimps

Feb 12 at Showbox Sodo: Marilyn Manson

Feb 13 at Chop Suey: OFF!

Feb 14 at Snoqualmie: Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience

Feb 14-17 at Jazz Alley: En Vogue

Feb 15 at Highline: Norska

Feb 15 at Vera Project: Ayron Jones & The Way with Ben Union

Feb 15 at Neumos: The Redwood Plan with Head Like a Kite

Feb 15 at Barboza: Buke and Gase

Feb 15 at Snoqualmie: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Feb 15 at High Dive: The Jesus Rehab with Hounds of The Wild Hunt

Feb 16 at Neumos: Red Fang with Dog Shredder

Feb 16 at EMP Museum: Sound Off! Semifinals

Feb 16 at Tractor Tavern: Radiation City with Black Whales

Feb 16-17 at Showbox Market: The Presidents of the United States of America

Feb 17 at Neptune: The Helio Sequence

Feb 17 at Neumos: Bone Thugs N Harmony

Feb 19 at Showbox Market: Eels

Feb 19 at Sunset Tavern: White Trash Whiplash

Feb 21 at Neptune: The Residents

Feb 22 at High Dive: Red Jacket Mine with Tripwires

Feb 22 at Highway 99: Lee Oskar

Feb 22 at Showbox Market: Galactic

Feb 22 at Tractor Tavern: Camper Van Beethoven

Feb 23 at Rendezvous: Monogamy Party, Strong Killing with Mass Games

Feb 23 at Showbox Market: Ivan & Alyosha, Kris Orlowski with Smokey Brights

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