January Concert Recommendations

Jan 3 at Neumos: Fly Moon Royalty + Fresh Espresso

Jan 3 at Chop Suey: The Spits with Wimps

Jan 3 at Snoqualmie Casino: Queensryche

Jan 4 at Tractor Tavern: The Paperboys with Massy Ferguson

Jan 4 at Sunset Tavern: Surfer Blood 

Jan 5 at Chop Suey: Virgin

Jan 7 at Barboza: Tennis

Jan 9 at Neumos: Telekinesis

Jan 9 at Showbox Market: Reverend Horton Heat

Jan 9 at Columbia Theater: The Bismark

Jan 9-11 at Triple Door: Vince Mira

Jan 10 at Neumos: The Posies

Jan 10 at Sunset Tavern: Surfer Blood

Jan 10 at Slims Last Chance: Post Adolescence

Jan 10 at Neptune: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Jan 10 at Highway 99: The Missionary Position

Jan 10 at Snoqualmie Casino: The Tubes

Jan 10 at Blue Moon: Mystery Ship

Jan 11 at Blue Moon: Princess with Grenades

Jan 11 at Studio Seven: The Motels

Jan 12 at Neumos: Truly

Jan 13 at Neumos: Hey Marseilles

Jan 14 at Showbox SoDo: Panic! At the Disco

Jan 15 at Neumos: The Thermals

Jan 16 at Neumos: Brent Amaker and the Rodeo

Jan 17 at Barboza: Stag

Jan 17 at Columbia Theater: Black Nite Crash

Jan 17 at Crocodile: Wooden Shjips, Kinski with Black Whales

Jan 17 at Slims Last Chance: Gravelroad

Jan 17 at Neptune: Damien Jurado

Jan 17-19 at Triple Door: Los Lobos

Jan 18 at Sunset Tavern: Legendary Oaks

Jan 18 at Fenix: Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Jan 19 at Sunset Tavern: Pony Time

Jan 21 at Easy Street: Deadkill

Jan 24 at Chop Suey: Deadkill

Jan 24 at Neumos: Yuck

Jan 24 at Showbox Market: Lord Huron

Jan 24 at Tractor Tavern: Fox and the Law

Jan 25 at Tractor Tavern: Shelby Earl with Smokey Brights

Jan 25 at Triple Door: Kim Virant

Jan 25-26 at Frontier: Lozen

Jan 26 at Neptune: Josh Ritter

Jan 29 at Tractor Tavern: Betsy Olson

Jan 30 at Neptune: Zappa Plays Zappa

Jan 30 at Tractor TavernStar Anna with Massy Ferguson

Jan 31 at Museum of Flight: Mark Pickerel with Star Anna

Jan 31 at Barboza: The Pack Ad

Jan 31 at Neumos: White Denim

Jan 31 at Tractor Tavern: The Maldives

Jan 31 at Slims Last Chance: Redneck Girlfriend

Feb 1 at Barboza: The Young Evils

Feb 1 at Tractor Tavern: The Maldives

Feb 1 at Jazzbones: Sir Mix-A-Lot

Feb 1 at Neumos: Helms Alee

Feb 1 at Showbox Market: Mary Lambert, Lemolo with Pollens

Feb 1 at Sunset Tavern: The Jesus Rehab with Hounds of the Wild Hunt

Feb 4 at Jazz Alley: Ana Popovic

Feb 4 at Neumos: La Luz

Feb 7 at Columbia Theater: Ancient Warlocks

Feb 7 at Neumos: Augustines

Feb 8 at EMP: Sound Off Semifinals #1

Feb 8 at Tractor Tavern: Sera Cahoone

Feb 8 at Showbox Market: Toad the Wet Sprocket

Feb 8 at Sunset Tavern: Jupe Jupe with Black Nite Crash

Feb 9 at El Corazon: Michael Schenker









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